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Protecting you is all we do

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About Us

Why choose Curtman Insurance Agency?

Protecting you is all we do.

We are an independent insurance agency, meaning that we can "shop" your insurance needs among several carriers for the best coverage at the best rate.

Is your agent free to find you the best deal?

This is our home community, and protecting those in our community is what we are about.

For a free no-obligation quote, go to our
"Get a Free Quote" page, or
in Owensville call (573) 437-8258,
in Sullivan call (573) 468-8258
or e-mail us today!

Technology is a wonderful thing!

Through modern technology, we offer the ability to do many of your insurance tasks via e-mail or online.  Insurance business, however,  can not be done via voice mail or text.  Let's face it.  You don't think about insurance until your premium is due.  Everyone is busy these days.  If having your insurance quoted without having to come to the office appeals to you, we can do it.  Just go to the "Get a free quote" tab above.  If you want that personal touch, we are here for that too.  Options are great, aren't they.

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